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Форумы портала PHP.SU :: Backend PHP (Symfony) remote 3-5k USD


Программирование на PHP, MySQL и другие веб-технологии
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> Описание: Backend PHP (Symfony) remote 3-5k USD
 Место: удаленно
 Зарплата: т 220 000 до 370 000 ₽
Отправлено: 18 Августа, 2021 - 17:58:42
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Deep understanding of LAMP technologies
Familiar with all PHP 7 advantages
Frameworks - symfony/fat-free
Great knowledge of PHP composer, PSR standards, PHP OOP patterns, S.O.L.I.D, D.R.Y, K.I.S.S

SQL ability to write high performing queries
Familiar with developing web services with high load, Docker, creating APIs (REST API in particular)

Automated testing experience (e.g. Jenkins, PHPUnit, Cucumber, unit tests, system tests)
Git master, familiar with full life cycle of software development; requirements analysis, design, development, testing, implementation.
Strong creative problem solving ability.
Stable work history and an ability to collaborate effectively with a distributed team
Excellent communications skills ability to engage in deep technical discussions with peers and become a trusted technical adviser. Work with internal and external developers to ensure code standards and best practices are performed for development of applications.
Experience working in a fast paced lean environment. Ability to work effectively with people at all levels in an organization
Fluent English (!!!)

Extra advantage experience with
Amazon API service
AWS toolbox: Elastic Beanstalk,Athena, Lambda
Message brokers RabbitMQ, Amazon SQS
Developing reporting, analytics tools in the past
Experience with Google API (Analytics API, Adwords API), Facebook Ads API
Experience with ReactJS/Redux/Saga
Experience with NodeJS

Stock option as a part of a loyalty program
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