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Программирование на PHP, MySQL и другие веб-технологии
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> Описание: Position for Strong Middle/ Senior PHP Developer with relocation to Germany
 Место: relocation, Germany, Münster/Munich
 Зарплата: 45,000-65,000 euro
 Опыт: 4+ years PHP, Symfony
Отправлено: 22 Февраля, 2019 - 15:51:52
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IT jobs With Relocation To Germany!
City: Münster/Munich
Salary: 45,000-65,000 euro gross

* Strong Middle/ Senior PHP Developer 4-5+yrs
* Skill Set:
- PHP (5.5+)
- Zend or Symfony (2, 3, 4)
- ElasticSearch
- Docker
- React (AngularJS, Backbone.js, Foundation) - a big plus
* Fluent English: verbal as well as written

The most important things are logical thinking, clean code, good development practices and the ability to learn new skills quickly.

Our client is the Germany’s top price comparison platform. Currently it has 40 million views per months and is in the TOP 10 websites in the Shopping category in Germany. It is headquartered in Munich and has offices in other 7 cities in Germany. The company was founded 20 years ago and currently employs around 2000 people.

Recruitment process: The company has a very fast recruitment process. For the position below after the review you will be invited for a Skype call with the team lead and for the finals will be having a “coding day”.

For candidates from abroad:
* The company offers a permanent work contract with 26+ holiday days
* Relocation package
* Support with Visa
* Paid German language courses

Contact me or send your CV to tatiana@zerotoonesearch.com
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