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 Место: Kiev, office
 Зарплата: 3500$ +-, negotiable
 Опыт: 6+ years of experience, JavaScript, Ajax, HTML, CSS, UI
Olga Bondarenko
Отправлено: 04 Января, 2017 - 16:12:25
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Senior/Lead Front-end developer(Kiev, office)
Full Description
We're looking for a superstar to play a key role in revamping our online platform enjoyed by 85 million users worldwide. You’ll use the latest web technologies including AngularJS, Bootstrap, HTML5, CSS3, advanced JavaScript, unit tests with Karma and Jasmine, PHP, Symfony and more. Grow your skills in a global company, designing and implementing the client side UI for our massive global user community.

You’ll be one of the first senior developers in our new office in Kiev, as part of our global R&D centers (Israel, US and now Ukraine).

You will enjoy a friendly, informal and creative atmosphere in one of the most exciting start-ups with many opportunities for personal and professional growth. You’ll be working with continuous integration and deployment using unique Agile methodology in which every team member makes a difference.

What you bring
Passion for web and new technologies
B.Sc. in computer science or software engineering
6+ years of experience in web UI development
Excellent skills in JavaScript, Ajax, HTML, CSS
Experience with client-server technology
A team player with motivation, ambition and innovative ideas
Conversational level of English
What else
Server-side fearlessness
Pixel perfect obsession
Experience in responsive design-oriented development
Experienced with big data and large-scale performance challenges
Continuous integration and deployment
Good understanding of Agile concepts

ЗП рассматривается от уровня кандидата

conversational level of English - MUST!

Собеседование (по скайп)

- скрининг с рекрутером

- до 3 технических интервью (старший член команды, менеджер по найму и VP R & D)

- окончательное HR интервью.

Бенефиты: Lunch and snacks, Pension and Health Insurance, Tax advice

В январе каждого года пересмотр ЗП

Skype: olga.hjm
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