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Программирование на PHP, MySQL и другие веб-технологии
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> Описание: Берлин, от 150K RUB/месяц
Отправлено: 27 Июля, 2015 - 14:12:26
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We are Rocket
Rocket's mission is to become the world's largest Internet platform outside of the United States and China. Rocket identifies and builds proven Internet business models and transfers them to new, underserved or untapped markets where it seeks to scale them into market leading online companies. Rocket is focused on online business models that satisfy basic consumer needs across four main sectors: e-Commerce, marketplaces, travel and financial technology. Rocket started in 2007 and has now more than 30,000 employees across its network of companies, which are active in more than 110 countries across six continents.

You surely know us - in Russia we have created Lamoda, Westwing, Cuponation and other companies.

As an Engineer at Rocket in Berlin you help launching successful startup companies all over the world. Whatever technologies, languages, or development environments you’ve been using, we expect you have mastered them in depth.
If scale and speed of execution is exitcing to you, if you are passionate about your craft and if you are striving to build systems that matter to millions of people around the world, Rocket will be the right place for you!
Growing at an incredible pace we’re looking for sharp, passionate engineers that help us make our web platforms the best in the world.

What we offer:

  • Agile, cross-functional team with lots of responsibility on the team level
  • Build platforms and web applications for our startup companies that reach millions of users in 100+ countries every day
  • Many opportunities to grow on a personal and professional level
  • Work with great people
  • Flat management hierarchy
  • Challenging projects
  • Competitive salary
  • Relocation package ensuring a smooth transition to work and live in Berlin

What we expect from you:
  • Several years of experience as a developer
  • Proven track record of successful projects
  • Code quality, unit tests and scalability mean something to you
  • You feel comfortable owning complex systems
  • Pragmatism
  • Pretty good english speaking & writing skills
  • Ability to master any technology, language, or development environment that we might need in the future

Technologies stack we use:
  • PHP Frameworks: Zend, Yii, Phalcon, Symfony2
  • Tools: GitHub, Jira, Confluence, Bamboo
  • AWS
  • Scrum, Kanban
  • PHP Storm
  • Solr, ElasticSearch, Memcached, Redis, MySQL, Postgres
  • Bootstrap, jQuery, Less, Sass, Compass
  • Having experience with one or more of them is a plus but not a must-have.

We are looking forward to receiving your convincing application in English!
Please apply directly: https://hire[dot]jobvite[dot]com/j?cj=oa[dot][dot][dot]amp;s=forumphpsu
Отправлено: 27 Июля, 2015 - 14:53:01
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Это русскоязычный форум. Опишите, пожалуйста, эту вакансию на русском языке.
Отправлено: 27 Июля, 2015 - 19:01:26
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А смысл писать по русски, если требуется Pretty good english speaking & writing skills? ;)

Чем больше узнаю, тем больше я не знаю.
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