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Web Peppers Отправлено: 03 Января, 2017 - 13:40:26 • Тема: Веб-дизайнер • Форум: Работа

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Вакансия закрыта.
Web Peppers Отправлено: 30 Декабря, 2016 - 14:06:47 • Тема: Веб-дизайнер • Форум: Работа

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Ищем в свою команду талантливого веб-дизайнера. Для нас важны ответственность, честность, работа на результат. Возможно мы ищем именно тебя!

1. Уверенное владение Adobe Photoshop и Adobe Illustrator
2. Знание и понимание современных тенденций в дизайне
3. Внимание к деталям и дедлайнам, ответственность за результат работы
4. Наличие портфолио обязательно (укажите ссылку на ваши работы).

1. Разработка дизайна для веб – приложений
2. Разработка/доработка дизайна веб-сайтов

1. Интересную работу.
2. Достойную оплату труда. Уровень оплаты зависит от профессиональных навыков и определяется по результатам собеседования и качества портфолио.
3. Удаленная работа, частичная занятость

Направляя свое резюме, обязательно укажите ссылку на ваши работы и стоимость работы в час. Будем рады сотрудничеству!

Web Peppers Отправлено: 27 Декабря, 2016 - 14:25:50 • Тема: WordPress Developer, Part-time, Remote work • Форум: Работа

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We are looking for WordPress Developer, part-time employment, remote work.

• Experience with WordPress Frontend & Backend development
• PHP5 (OOP / MVC) development skills
• Knowledge of MySQL
• Knowledge of HTML5 / CSS / Javascript / jQuery / AJAX
• Ability to communicate effectively and work in a team

1. Assessment tasks for WordPress - paid.
2. WordPress development.

We offer:
1. Flexible schedule
2. Hourly payment in USD
3. Excellent professional and career opportunities
4. Non trivial projects

To learn more about this position or to apply send your CV to
Web Peppers Отправлено: 21 Сентября, 2016 - 10:21:21 • Тема: Drupal Back-end developer / Middle, remote • Форум: Работа

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We're looking for a trustworthy, experienced Developer who have experience on Drupal.
Project Type: part/full time projects

Our expectations to the applicant
1. Deep knowledge of Drupal 6/7/8/PHP development (3+ years of experience) including building own custom modules
2. Skilled in frontend development using Html 5/CSS/Javascript and JQuery
3. Understanding of approaches and technologies used in high-loaded web sites (caching, APC, Memcached, Varnish)
4. Experience in making of mobile-friendly sites using responsive web design principles
5. Some experience with Drupal technical setup and the Linux platform
6. Feel good in a busy environment, where there always tasks and something that can be improved
7. Good technical English (read and write)

Technical details of the projects
1. Drupal 6/7/8 + Views, Feeds, Features, Panels and other modules
2. Close integration with Java backend service through the REST and JSON APIs, custom modules
3. Memcached for Drupal cache
4. Varnish as HTTP caching reverse proxy
5. Solr as search engine
6. Responsive, mobile-friendly design
7. LESS, Bootstrap 3, JQuery
8. Automated tests, BDD, Behat
9. Participating in technical decisions, being responsible for overall platform lifecycle
10. Drupal coding standards and best practices

Individual skills:
1. Self-motivation
2. Ability to take initiative and work independently
3. High level of responsibility
4. Strict fulfillment of deadlines
5. Willingness to work with the monitoring screen

CV must contain samples of works / codes and approximately period ready to start.

If you are interested in applying or would like to know more please send your CV to or skype: sergeyrys.
Web Peppers Отправлено: 21 Сентября, 2016 - 10:09:41 • Тема: Drupal Front-end Developer, Middle, remote • Форум: Работа

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We are looking for Russian speaking Middle Drupal Developer (remote) to be responsible for front-end development. By joining our company, you’ll have the opportunity to work on many client projects with teams of highly skilled experts from around the world.

1. Creating proper HTML5/CSS3/JS templates according to the company guidelines, project demands
2. Work with the team of Developers and Graphic Designers for the realization of data and functionality of websites, introduction of their vision into functional HTML templates

1. 2-3+ experience of HTML/CSS on a high level
2. JavaScript, JQuery is a must!
3. AngularJS (others) desirable;
4. Knowledge of HTML5/CSS3, Compass/Sass
5. Knowledge of graphics packages: Photoshop, Illustrator
6. Experience with version control systems (SVN/Git etc ), relevant design experience is a plus
7. Excellent understanding of Usability and User Experience Design
8. Upper-intermediate English is a must (reading the technical literature, conversation)

Will be a plus:
1. Responsive design experience
2. Exp. with PHP and Drupal
3. Relevant design exp.

If you are interested in applying or would like to know more please send your resume to or skype: sergeyrys.

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